Romagna’s Hinterland


Romagna’s Hinterland:

the nature lover’s and history buff’s paradise by the sea.

A picturesque route set in the hilly beauty of nature and amidst charming medieval villages where you can discover the authentic Rimini, rich in history and traditions.

In these enchanted places, among the green hills and perfectly preserved villages, the oldest traditions blend beautifully with hospitality and openness.

Come discover and enjoy the flavors of a timeless cuisine along the charming streets.

Travel off the beaten path and see the real Romagna—an unforgettable vacation experience to treasure forever!

The Rimini countryside is varied due to the two rivers, the Marecchia and the Conca, which have formed wide and picturesque valleys. Amongst the scenery, you can visit castles, fortresses and historic villages and catch fascinating, local folk festivals all year round!

Main towns of Marecchia Valley

Santarcangelo di Romagna
Charming little village that overlooks the sea in the heart of the Marecchia Valley.

Despite being popular mostly because of the ancient fortress at the summit and because local legend says that the fortress is haunted by a little girl named Azzurrina, the real history of Montebello is still quite interesting and colourful.

The small village of Verucchio is a magical place where history can be clearly felt and come alive!

San Leo
Located on a tremendous, utterly impassable boulder, you can access it only via a single road carved into the rock.

Main villages of Conca Valley

We start from San Giovanni in Marignano, the ancient “granary” of the Malatesta, an important agricultural center that preserves within it still today traces of the old walls and buildings renovated in the 19th and 20th centuries.

*[see log for corrections]It is a lively and active town, which offers visitors the interesting ruins of the Malatesta Castle, the churches located in the old town, the Parish of Montetauro.

It was the most important center in the Conca Valley between the 16th and 19th centuries. It was the most important center of Conca Valley The bastions that characterize the city walls were witnesses to the feuding between the Malatesta and Montefeltro families.

Beautiful fortified village of the high Conca Valley.

*A little pearl, [the last one moving towards the Marches-see log]. It is a fortified village built on a rocky spur on the border between Romagna and Marches

Last but not least, not to miss a visit to


732 years of history: it is the smallest Republic in the world proud of its being tiny.
The Apennine hills fade into the horizon in the calm twilight. San Marino has lively medieval towns with bustling narrow, pedestrian streets, lined with characteristic shops, houses and buildings of stone and pebbles.

From the city walls, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea turning pink at sunset on clear evenings.

A visit to the ancient Republic offers not only pleasure for the soul and a journey through history, but an excellent excuse to go shopping Sammarinese style!

Main towns of

Marecchia Valley

Main villages of

Conca Valley

Repubblica di

San Marino

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